Camping Equipment


I am often asked what camping equipment I recommend for traveling light, especially when flying.  Here is a list of the equipment that is working well for me.

tent: Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 2 Tent

tent footprint:Big Agnes Copper Spur 2 Footprint 

camp stove: MSR Microrocket Stove

mess kit: Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo Cook Set 

sleeping bag: Zpacks sleeping bag, custom made for my height, avoiding extra, unnecessary length

bivy sack: zpacks bivy shelter (for the times when a tent isn’t really necessary, or when I’m sleeping on a narrow ledge.

Sleeping pad is the Women’s NeoAir XLite… R-3.9, 20″x66″ when inflated, packs as small as 4″ x9″ and weighs only 11 oz.

rolling carry-on from Rick Steve’s that meets all airline standards for size:

You can see that I spent far more than I had anticipated.  I’m hoping that this gear will last me the rest of my life and that it will enable me to fly and camp almost anywhere.  I like that with the bivy sack I don’t need a tent.  That was my big EXTRA…. but I have a feeling that I’ll be using it a great deal.  I slept fine when i had to collapse the tent on top of me during the high winds on Mount Diable.  This is like sleeping in the collapsed tent with a screened window to watch the night sky.  What can be better than that?!!

Early morning camping above Willow Creek view of Big Sur CA

Early morning camping above Willow Creek view of Big Sur, California – sleeping bag, bivy sac and sleeping pad.