Shooting photos without ever looking at them again.

Pre-Workshop Exercise: Shooting photos without ever looking at them again

Winter-Worn Posted Signs Walks Without Dad Photography Chris Carter Artist 031616 900

Of course you will look at some of them again, but maybe not.  The photograph itself is not important.  What is important is becoming more aware of what grabs your attention and inspires you to stop, pull out your phone or camera, and capture something you see.  You may love the object itself, maybe it’s a pattern or an arrangement of shapes or colors.  Don’t ask yourself what it is, just stop and snap the photo.  Take a walk alone, a short one or a long one, it doesn’t matter.  Bring your smart phone or camera with you.  Keep alert to your surroundings and photograph anything and everything that catches your attention.  When you arrive home, jot a few sentences down describing whatever thoughts you had. Another way you can do this is to set a theme for yourself.  For example, look for triad color schemes or pick a color to be dominant in your photos. Do this everyday for a week.

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Have fun!