Expressive Marks with Pen or Brush

Pre-Workshop Exercise:  Expressive Marks with Pen or Brush


Both pens and brushes are tools that do far more than apply paint and ink to paper and canvas.  They are sensitive tools that respond to the pressure and movement of the artist who holds them. We live in a world of digital wonders and manipulations yet the most refined software and digital tools cannot respond in the way a pen or brush responds to the human hand.  It is the way an artist makes her marks with her tools that develops a recognizable style that is unique, expressing the personality and emotions that are also unique to the artist.  

Be bold. Be adventurous.  See how many different kinds of marks you can make with pens, brushes and pencils.  Don’t worry about what you are drawing.  Become familiar with the range of marks you can make with your tools.  Try different nibs, different brushes, different pencils.  Try combining pen or pencil lines with strokes of watercolor.  Make at least a hundred experimental sketches.  Have fun!

Arbonne International NVP Welcome Night Maui Jan 2016 ink chriscarterartist 011816 m 900ink watercolor sketch of Dad waiting to be transported to rehab facility



Paris rooftops -contour drawing with light wash of watercolordrawing of ladies luncheon Herald Square NYC

ink watercolor sketch of Susan Cornelis painting in the dark

"Family" 24" x 46" watercolor

Fontaine Estrangin, Marseille, France - Ink sketchbook drawing

Vertigo B Hostel Cafe


Have fun!!!