Pre-Workshop Exercises

Pre-Workshop Exercises

Mandala Dala Art Maui Botanicals Protea Cynaroides King Protea South Africa Watercolor Chris Carter Artist in progress Day 3 2016-04-12 17.45.50 1080y

I look forward to sharing Art Time with each of you during the workshops you will be attending.  To achieve maximum results from any workshop, it is helpful to be prepared in advance, to know what you wish to learn from the workshop and to know what questions to ask during the workshop so that you may apply what you learn to your work to make it more expressively you.  To uncover the true you in your work, you must always seek to understand what inspires you to pick up a pencil, pen or brush.  Are you excited by color … expressive lines … linear shapes … organic shapes … patterns … movement … etc.

My pre-workshop exercises are meant to awaken your awareness of the graphic elements in the world around you that work as triggers, igniting the experience of inspiration.  They are also designed to help make a connection between your art and the parts of your life you are most passionate about: your family, gardening, music, dance, hiking, flying, sewing, etc.

Click on the link below for the workshop you will be attending.  Prior to your workshop, generally once a week, you will receive an email with a link to a new exercise.  The exercises will remain on my website for your future reference.

Feedback on the exercises is always welcome!  Challenge yourself and enjoy!

The following exercises are for the artists attending either or both of the workshops in October, 2016 in South Wales, UK held at The Court Cupboard Craft Gallery:

October 3-6, 2016 – Creative Colour and Expressive Design

October 7, 2016 – Impetuous Ink with a Splash of Watercolour.

Exercise No. 1: Shooting Photographs and Never Looking at them Again

Exercise No. 2: Capturing the Simple Things in a Variety of Views

Exercise No. 3: Focusing on Color Combinations

Exercise No. 4: Expressive Marks with Pen and Brush

Exercise No. 5: To include or Not to include – Reality as a Reference