Illustrated Recipes

Illustrated Recipes: Family Favorites and Food for Travel and Simply Yummy (and healthy)

The last thing I need is another project.  This one is long overdue and will move forward at the pace of a crippled snail.  Nevertheless, I am adding it to my list of current projects.  This page will be the index for the recipes.  You will be able to click on the link of the recipe that interests you. I haven’t totally thought this through, so there could be many changes in the format as it evolves.  Feedback is always appreciated.  I’m hoping to have my first recipe posted by the middle of August.  Some of the recipes will be illustrated with one of my photos rather than a drawing, but I hope the majority will be drawn and painted.

Koosje's assignment on Sketchbook Skool's Storytelling Klass

Koosje’s assignment on Sketchbook Skool’s Storytelling Klass

Koosje’s assignment reminded me of the project I had abandoned many years ago.  I had promised my kids I would illustrate the recipes we used when they were children; the snow ice cream the Boxcar Children made, the traditional marzipan colored like playdough, Gram’s macaroni and cheese, homemade chicken fingers, Festive Cookie Dough for Christmas cookies, and many, many more.

I have strange eating habits that have fluctuated radically over my lifetime.  Due to my lifestyle, I need to have a great deal of energy and I have to stay healthy.  I feel best when I am eating totally raw, but that is no longer possible for a number of reasons, one of which is that I travel a great deal and I wish to be an easy guest when I stay with friends.  I also want to try the specialties of the area I am visiting.  My solution is to be vegan at home and to eat moderately of whatever is available when I travel. Since I will be hiking and needing to carry several days worth of food with me, I will be developing recipes that are light-weight and nourishing.  It will be fun to watch this section of the website grow, even though it will not happen rapidly.

Links to Recipes:

Illustrated ingredients for raw veggie flax seed crackers

Raw veggie flax seed crackers

Raw Veggie Flax Seed Dehydrated Crackers – posted August 5, 2015

Chocolate Power Protein Bars No 1 - Chris Carter Artist 2016-06-23 09.03.30 900

Chocolate Power Protein Bars No. 1






Chocolate Power Protein Bars No. 1

Kale Bean Dip Chris Carter Artist Kitchen Recipes 2016-06-17 16.07.01 900




Beans, Butters and Kale Dip