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Online Courses at your own pace!

Sharpen your drawing skills … Master the mystery of color mixing

Discover and nurture your personal and unique artistic style

My online courses are available at: and

The courses on ExploreWithChrisCarter are more comprehensive courses focused on mastering various skills.  On Skillshare, the courses are bite-sized, less than an hour in length. the Skillshare classes are free for premium members.  If you are not already a premium member you may explore all of the premium courses for free for two months by clicking the link above.

Subscribe to the Kaleidoscope Blog to stay up to date with live workshops, new courses, reviews of artist tools and fun art projects.  The Kaleidoscope blog is replacing the Newsletter I’ve sent in the past.

In addition to the online art courses, ExploreWithChrisCarter now has a gallery of original art for sale.  The collection of four to twelve paintings changes every month.

Visit: to see current offerings.