Materials List – Joy of Drawing with Pen and Ink

Materials List: The Joy of Drawing with Pen and Ink 

Ink drawing of Vertigo Hostel Cafe, Marseille, France

Vertigo Hostel Cafe – Marseille, France

pen and ink drawing Provence landscape

Material List:

Sketchbook – at least 8” x 10”

Various papers you may wish to draw on

Pencil (#2 or HB) I suggest a mechanical pencil if you have one

Fountain pen(s) if you own one.  If you own more, feel free to bring all of them.  Make sure you have them filled with ink, either cartridge or bottled ink. 

Dip Pen holder and assorted nibs if you have them.  No need to buy them, I will bring extras with me.

Permanent Fine Tip marker such as Sharpie or Micron

Two water containers

Paper Towels

Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding the materials list

ink drawing of NYC street and horse

Zendala: Traffic light semaphores, buildings and Jose Marti’s Steed

Pen and Ink squiggle drawing of shell

Shell – Pen and Ink Squiggle Drawing


The man behind the camera – Ink and watercolor