Year of Influence

2018 – The Year of Influence

New York City Doorway – Day 2 of 2018 Challenge – Ink and Watercolor – Influenced by the work of Vieira Da Silva

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The most valuable gift I brought with me into this lifetime is Curiosity. Guided by curiosity, I find beauty in the most unusual places: a pile of dirty laundry; rusty pipes; a dead frog in the road; wrinkles on a weatherworn face; a burned forest; a construction site; an abandoned bicycle.  Guided by curiosity I linger beside a total stranger and listen to the story of how they found the shoes they are wearing or how they ended up on an elevator with Tiny Tim.  Guided by curiosity, I ask questions and marvel at the answers I am given.

The diversity of my art has been both a blessing and a curse.  It’s difficult to market my work because I don’t zone in on one style, media, technique or subject matter.  The blessing is that I’m never, ever bored, and I’m learning something new every single day.  My curiosity has rubbed off on my three children and we continue to joyfully explore the world together as often as we can. Thanks to my curiosity, and my passion to express experiences with pen and brush, I’ve lived an amazing life and it continues to be more amazing all the time.

I believe everyone has a spark within them. When nurtured, this spark can develop into a passion and a creative, satisfying way to live a fulfilling life regardless of their circumstances.  Drawing and painting has enabled me to get through extremely difficult periods of my life.  It’s the silver thread that connects my everyday thoughts to my inner being where I believe anything is possible and my dreams are huge and vibrant. The day to day struggles pass. My ambitions and commitment to a life of  love, learning, discovery, adventure, and sharing what I learn along the way, continues.

Teaching by example is powerful.  One can encourage with words. One leads by example.  For the past year I’ve had the privilege and joy of watching a group of artists inspire and encourage one another through our private Facebook group, Daily Sketchers.  Some members post often, some post rarely and some don’t post at all. Just because they don’t post doesn’t mean that they aren’t sketching occasionally.  Some who don’t post, sketch daily, inspired by the posts of others.  As our first year together drew to a close, some of the silent members commented on how, by the mere fact that I posted every single day without fail (the good, the bad and the ugly) drawing has become more of a priority in their lives and they are reaping the benefits in a multitude of ways.  I’m grateful for their comments.  Without being told, I don’t known how strongly I influence artists to pick up pen and brush, to return to their sketchbooks and to continue challenging themselves to see more and express what they see in a different way honing their current skills and developing new skills.

2018 is The Year of Influence!

I have choses a new Daily Challenge for this year.  Each week I will choose a different artist to be influenced by and allow my daily sketch to be influenced by the work of the artist I have chosen.  My goal is not to imitate the artist.  My goal is to learn something significant that I can apply in my own work.

Having learned that many follow my blog and my social media posts without subscribing and without making comments, I decided to create this area in my website that will chronicle the year of daily sketching influenced by the fifty-two artists I choose.  There will be separate links to a page for each week where I will share what I’m observing and learning from the artist’s work.  I will post my images along with the artist’s images and any reference photographs I’ll be using.  Ouch! Yes, I will often, but not always, be working from photographs.

I hope to influence others just as so many artists have influenced me.  Thank you for joining me on my journey!

Chris Carter